The advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet undoubtedly changed the history of humanity, establishing a series of new social paradigms, comfort, new forms of learning, among other things. The emergence of the internet affected our daily life significantly and reinvented many of these processes.

What is the Internet network?

As we all know, the INTERNET is the most modern way to communicate with people all over the world. It is known as the network of networks because it is spread all over the world. Allows decentralized computer interconnection. In this publication we detail which are the 10 most important benefits of the Internet as well as the dangers of making misuse of this powerful technological tool.

Benefits of the Internet

  1. Provides access to information at all times
  2. It generates new ways of learning and overcrowding knowledge.
  3. There are all kinds of content available.
  4. Breaks with geographical, ethnic and time barriers
  5. Democratize information.
  6. Promotes new forms of entertainment
  7. It favors freedom of expression, free thought and other manifestations free of communication.
  8. It has given rise to new paradigms of business models in goods and services sales.
  9. It encourages online work and collaborative work.
  10. Support and assistance can be found for all types of situations.

Dangers of the Internet

  1. It mainly violates the right to privacy, as each user can publish what they want even if it is at the expense of another person.
  2. It favors piracy in sectors such as music, movies and software.
  3. Not all the content that is published is verified or checked, but many users can accept it without question.
  4. It is a channel for hackers and other computer users to send malicious content such as viruses and spam.
  5. Indirectly fosters sedentariness.
  6. There are no controls or discrimination of content, especially adult content.
  7. It promotes the culture of triviality and the propagation of junk content.
  8. tends to generate a great dependence, causing in some a form of vice.
  9. Affects personal relationships and labor productivity
  10. It can create perspectives that are not in line with reality.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in education

Online or Internet education is definitely a good choice for those who need to improve their academic level. In addition, there are many advantages that you can benefit from if you follow a distance learning course for example. Some of the benefits of online education are listed below.


  1. Low cost: Online studies cost less than any other learning program you just need a computer connected to the Internet.
  2. Flexibility of schedules: you own your own schedule. Time is not a limitation on an online course.
  3. Effective Learning: Teachers or instructors are available at convenient student schedules and respond quickly to queries via email.
  4. In online education learning is focused on what you need.
  5. You can prioritize the things you want to learn at your convenience.


  1. Online courses are not accepted by some employers
  2. Not be able to motivate yourself in online learning
  3. You have No clarification of immediate doubts about a subject of study
  4. You have to boost your own self-motivation.
  5. Online learning requires complete dedication and patience from students.

Internet conclusion

Advantages and disadvantages of the internet
The new generations who were born in this age find it difficult to understand how social dynamics were before the Internet; As a powerful tool, the Internet offers many advantages that today generate different levels of comfort and access to goods and services but also when abused can be detrimental to society.

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