Advantages and disadvantages of BanaHosting services

Learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of hiring the services of the Banahosting provider.  This is a company with just over a decade in the online hosting and servers market, which has a fairly solid platform with respect to the line of servers available, located in the U.S. UU and Europe.
Advantages and disadvantages of Banahosting's hosting and Domain Services

Services offered by Banahosting

  1. Buying and selling domains
  2. Domain Transfer
  3. Domain Name Purchase verification Tool
  4. Web Hosting with prices from $4.95 to $9.95
  5. Reseller Hosting
  6. Servers for: High performance VPS SSD, Cloud SSD, Dedicated
  7. Affiliation Program

Advantages of Banahosting Services


  1. Offers Unlimited bandwidth and Disk-space plans.
  2. The speed of response to some difficulty is very fast, the technical support usually responds in about 10 minutes and if the problem is very urgent, the response time is reduced to just 5 minutes.
  3. The support is optimal in both Spanish and English, technicians know the Spanish language perfectly, so a Spanish-speaking client will not feel the difference.
  4. Its technological platform at the level of servers is of quality, they are high-speed servers and the rest of its characteristics make it very powerful.
  5. The interface of the platform is found in Spanish, therefore, at the time of making the configuration becomes a very simple task.
  6. Their data centers are reliable and are located mainly in Europe and The U.S.
  7. The prices of the plans are quite accessible to the customers, which vary according to the type of plan.
  8. It Always has offers available VPS, Dedicated, reseller and shared.
  9. They Give the option of monthly payment, so you do not have a commitment to the service throughout the year.
  10. The guarantee of satisfaction of the service has a period of 30 days, if the client does not feel satisfied they return the money to him.
  11. At the time of loading the Web sites, the procedure is very fast and without any mistimes.
  12. The Site Migration Service is totally free.
  13. 24/7 Support Team
  14. You Have the opportunity to have your own hosting business through the reseller hosting service with prices from $23.95 per month
  15. BanaHosting has the affiliation program where to earn 10% for the purchases that make your referral

Banahosting Buy it now by $4.95


  1. You Can Buy your domain for a year then you have the option to renew or sell it
  2. Has A search engine that allows you to select the name of the domain that you like
  3.  Offers Free SSL certificates for all your domains by means of Letsencrypt
  4. You Can Make your payment by PayPal or credit card
  5.  When you buy your domain they offer you a hosting plan.

Disadvantages of banahosting Services

  1. The plans are accessible but not the most economical of the market.
  2. The support for WordPress is not specialized, therefore, if you find yourself in a big predicament, you will have to solve it on the other hand.
  3. In Basic Plan You can only host a web.
  4. Activation of web hosting service is not immediate
  5. Limited domain extensions (. com .net. Info. org. US)

Banahosting Buy it now by $4.95

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Banahosting surpasses other companies providing the same service, because its infrastructure is really robust and solid, and is easily verifiable when running any web system on its servers, which act with great efficiency and performance. However in my opinion the cost of buying a new domain is high compared to the competition. For this reason I do not recommend buying domains in this company.

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