Advantages and disadvantages of milk for your body

Since we were children we have heard that milk is good and that we should take it daily. But few times have we thought about what their benefits are;   And what are the drawbacks of taking it too much. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you. Milk contains many health-beneficial nutrients that are essential to our body as they help prevent many diseases.

But it can also make us sick if our body is unable to produce lactase. Which is the enzyme needed for our body to digest lactose. If you were a child you drank a glass of milk and then ran to the bathroom this was the reason.

What is milk?

It is a white liquid or substance segregated by mammals to feed their offspring. Its most important properties are well known by all, contains calcium that helps to strengthen our bones, as well as proteins and a certain percentage of fat needed for our organism, serves to feed newborns and has vitamins Group A, B, E, D and K.

Benefits of milk for our health

  1. Helps prevent osteoporosis: consuming it regularly during the teenage stage can significantly improve the strength of our bones
  2. Contains vitamins: A, B, E, D and K.
  3. By containing calcium It helps our bones in their development.
  4. Milk has a low amount of calories, but it also provides nutrients unlike other foods.
  5. Recovery of skin tissue after of.
  6. Many studies refer to making it easier to remove uric acid through the urine, which decreases the amount in the blood.
  7. Reduces heartburn
  8. It prevents the increase of bacteria and germs in our intestines.
  9. The proteins found in the milk help to develop the muscular mass of our bodies.
  10. We can use transforming in various forms: yogurt, creams, cheese or combining with coffee or tea.

Disadvantages of milk for our body

  1. Like any other food, excessive consumption is detrimental to our health.
  2. Recent studies indicated that in people sensitive to lactose may cause colic, irritable bowel and gastroduodenal ulcers.
  3. The lactose in its content makes many people can not take it because it causes gas, stomach aches, spasms and diarrhea
  4. If you have chronic arthritis can aggravate the picture, so many doctors do not indicate in these patients.
  5. Excessive consumption can cause acne, as it stimulates its development with the production of hormones.
  6. It is not advisable to drink milk in people prone to obesity, nor is it advisable for people with high cholesterol levels.
  7. It can cause cataracts in some people, because galactose can cause lens opacity.
  8. Iron lacking leads to deficiency anemia.
  9. Even if it does not look like milk is contraindicated in these cases: lactose intolerance, milk allergy, galactosemia
  10. You can’t take it if you’ve had stomach surgeries.


Advantages and disadvantages of the milkWe cannot deny that milk is a food that has very good properties. It is part of our daily diet and although its consumption should be rationed, it is not indicated as the only food, it must be combined with the other groups of foods that allow to maintain a balanced diet and therefore the health of the organism.

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